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Happy 2019!  Like I have stated in many messages, no matter when I write this column, we are either just finishing a conference or are heading into one.

We recently concluded with the Fall Conference in Marin County concluding with our Annual Meeting taking care of the business of CRCEA. The conference was well planned, well executed and from what I can gather, well received.  My personal “VERY WELL DONE” to all the MCARE representatives and volunteers who made it another successful conference.  Of interest at this conference was the inclusion of technology into the mix. Having access to the program, the speakers’ biographies and other pertinent information on your smart phone or tablet was an interesting experiment that seemed to be a success.

As a result of this past conference technology, the Executive Committee agreed that we should put together a Technology Committee that would look at what we do, how we do it and can we do better utilizing current technology tools.  I have asked MCARE President Gene Pennington to chair this committee and he agree to do so.  He will be reaching out to local associations for information on what might be desired by our members as well as looking into specific questions that the leadership might have to improve the organizations outreach.  If you get an inquiry from Gene, please let him know what you think about the issue.  Many of our members are not “tech savvy”, but as we move into the future, so many more of our members will be knowledgeable in this arena.

The Executive Committee took its fall recess, not having a formal meeting in November or December.  A couple of matters that came up were handled by email or phone calls. Once again, rest assured that we have not ignored anything that might touch on the myriad of issues that may impact retirees.

With the October Conference being the annual meeting of the board of directors of CRCEA, the business meeting passed a budget for 2019 and scheduled some topics to be discussed during the year.  One of the items on the agenda was the election of the CRCEA officers for the next two years. With the exception of Vice-President Mike Sloan, all the incumbents were elected for a continuing term.  Mike chose not to continue for his own personal reasons, but will continue to be active in the organization as the Affiliate Committee chair and the Conference Committee chair, as well as monitoring and coordinating our website.

So, we now welcome a new member on to the Executive Committee. Doug Fletcher was unanimously elected to the position of Vice-President. Doug is a retiree of Marin County and was an active participant in the most recent conference planning. I am confident that he will be an excellent resource as we go forward.

Marin County (MCARE) has a history of good leadership, with Ann Gregory having served as an excellent Vice-President of CRCEA in the past Ann was a strong supporter and did so many things for this organization, including making sure I got my tasks done on time and did keep me in line. She continues to keep her fingers in both MCARE and CRCEA and is a true asset to both organizations.

A thank you also to Will Hogue from Ventura County for looking for people willing to serve CRCEA in a leadership position.  Will is a low key person, but I know he spent time and effort to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to participate if they wanted to. So, now he gets the next year off (maybe).
The California Legislature is on the brink of coming back in session for the start of a new 2-year session. With both the Senate and the Assembly with a “super-majority”, we will be watching carefully legislation and what might impact our County Employees Retirement Law (CERL) or other items impacting our retiree members.

The Kingston Trio many years back had a song that started with, “Here we go round again”, so let me put on the old record – so it repeats and repeats and repeats. CRCEA continues to reach out for Affiliates.  Those are businesses that provide services to retirees or otherwise support public employees and retirees that we can approach to be affiliates of CRCEA.  All of our affiliates believe that they have something of benefit for your members, and the local associations will be looking at each of them to evaluate at the local level.  You can check on the basic information on each at our website under the Affiliate tab.  If you have a question on their service/product do not hesitate to give them a call in order to see if that affiliate can be of benefit to your association.  As always, if anyone has any idea or potential affiliate that would be of benefit to CRCEA and its members, give Mike Sloan, Carlos Gonzalez or any Executive Committee member the information and we will follow up.

In closing, let me give a major THANK YOU to all of the delegates for your confidence in the election of the CRCEA officers for the next term. Your commitment to the organization and willingness to trust them to carry on the business is greatly appreciated.

Until next time………

Signature - Skip

Skip Murphy, President

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