President’s Message

Let us hope that with the medical breakthroughs going on, we can look forward to slowly returning to some sort of better times and back to “normal.”  Without hope, we do not have much going for us.  This may sound like you have heard it before, and you have.  Yet another conference is been delayed, making it over two years since we have been able to be physically together.

The virtual meeting in October seemed to work, but it cannot compare to an opportunity to socialize together and in person hellos, hand-shakes, and hugs. We can only hope that this situation will be behind us as we prepare for the Fall 2021 Conference, hosted by Los Angeles (RELAC).

The proposal for a by-law change that would stagger the terms of the officers on the Executive Committee and the staggering of elections was accepted by the delegates during our October meeting and is operational.

It is not to early to be looking ahead to October when the elections will include election of the President and the Treasurer.  If there is a desire by any member to run for either of these offices, or any of the offices for that matter, now is the time to really think about it.  You will have time to give it some thought, review the duties in the bylaws and then get in touch with Will Hoag, the Nominations Committee Chair.

The Executive Committee also asked for input on a more global look at our by-laws, and that will be re-viewed to try to do some “clean-up” to keep us up to date.  This item needs your input in order to be reviewed and ultimately presented.  A couple of suggestions have come in, but each extra set of eyes may pick up some-thing else.  These bylaws need to be workable for today’s organization, not just some words in a document.

As I close, once again I want to urge you to be careful and stay safe while at the same time keeping your mental health and your physical health in check.  As we go deeper into 2021, opportunities for obtaining a “shot” to protect us (or at least minimize infection) will be out there.  Clearly this organization could not be what it is without you.

Until next time………

Signature - Skip

Skip Murphy, President

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