President’s Message

Schools are in session, Halloween with the neighborhood’s kids in costume is gone.  The conferences of CRCEA and SACRS are completed.  Thanksgiving, a time of peace and thanks, as well as its overindulgence of food, is now behind us.  The store decorations and sales along with houses of varying decorations signifying the Christmas holiday that is right around the corner (as I write this).

It seems like so many of us are very busy during these last 3 months of the year.  We get focused on the family things that eat up our time – that’s not a negative thing – and we work diligently to tie up all the loose ends of the year as we head into the new year of 2024.

Looking forward to the new year seems to be a bit cloudy at the moment.  The economic unknowns and inflation issues.  Continuing strife in the mid-east which could escalate into an even bigger situation.  Strained relations among certain countries throughout Asia with continued unknowns on solutions or at least a calming status quo still to be seen.  Unrest in various parts of Europe.  All this along with the on-going rift and disagreements among the “players” in our own government houses along with the very partisan positions taken by many.

We can only hope that the future can possibly bring some calming and “common sense” of understanding among the parties involved, no matter which situation could be included above.  I try to be optimistic that things will always get better.  This is particularly true if you look at it with the hope that things will be better for our kids and our grandkids and maybe great grandkids.

But, back to the busy schedules. Since the last message, I have been involved in 29 different meetings for various different things I am involved with. Okay, I did it to myself and I admit it.

I briefly touched on the fact that our CRCEA conference “is in the books”.  It seems like I can run out of ways to offer the accolades to our host associations following a conference.  San Joaquin County RPESJC provided an excellent mix of speakers and information useful to us.  It was good to hear from our legislative consultant on the actions and issues happening in Sacramento.  A different but interesting presentation was given by the representative of the Lodi Wine Association, who not only told us about the wine industry in the Lodi area, but also provided a tasting of the various type of wine from the region.  While I was privy to some of the “glitches” that they incurred during the conference, the changes made on the fly were hardly noticeable by the overall audience.  Well done by Bill and Joe and the entire conference group.  You should be proud of your work and the representation of your association.

The situation surrounding the Spring 2024 conference is still somewhat in flux.  Vice President Doug Fletcher and the group of members working on the overall future of CRCEA Conferences is rapidly coming up with its recommendations.  As we work through the already planned and in the works conferences through 2025, some major discussion and directions will need to be done.  As to this coming Spring, a fair amount of work and research has already been done and a decision should be made very soon.  You can be assured that all members will be advised.

As always, members of the Executive Committee are committed to working with local associations to discuss CRCEA.  If anyone wants a visit to talk about CRCEA to let your board and/or membership know more, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

I close by going back to early in this message.  My hope is 2024 will be a better time for all than the past has shown us.  We can have a positive view so long as we treat both friends and strangers with respect and understanding.

Until next time………

Signature - Skip

Skip Murphy, President

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